Earth Work

Project Overview


  • Project Type :  Govt. Project
  • Project Value : 5Cr.  – 500 Cr. / Dist.
  • Billing Time :    Monthly

Earthworks are engineering projects usually related to larger construction projects and they involve the processing of large quantities of soil with the aim of creating holes or for levelling the ground. A wide range of industries use earthworks – here are some project types that are considered earthwork:

earth work Description
  • Excavation done to prepare the land for building roadways, railways, tunnels and bridges;
  • Excavation done to prepare the construction of drainage and sewage pipe systems;
  • Land grading done in order to change the configuration of a plot of land or to stabilize its sloping is also a process that uses extensive earthworks;
  • Military applications – military engineering uses earthworks to create fortifications made from soil;
  • Landscaping – the process of creating a garden or a park surrounding a property to the exact specifications of the property owner also requires earthworks. The excavation can be deep or it can be used only to move the top layer of the ground and the project might also involve moving a certain amount of earth from a specific area to a different spot on the property to create a pond in one place and a small hill in the other;
  • Damming – the process of trapping the water of a creek or of a river also requires extensive earthwork.

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