Daynamic Electric card Franchise

Project Overview

Dynamic Electric Card Electric Saver Card, Electricity Power Saving Device

DYNAMIC ELECTRICITY CARD is a electric statement power saving card. Its a 21st Century Invention ensures To Reduce Your Electricity statement By Up To 25% – Every Single Month. This device is Useful and effective in saving electricity, primarily at Residential, Commercial and Industrial areas.

Brief Description about Product :-

Project Head – Mr. Ravi Singh

Contact No. – +91-7836 808 689

Pan India

How it Works :-

A unique combination of USA German patented Nano Technology designed by DDS Marketing PVT LTD. DEC- Dynamic Electricity Card work on theory of Quantum phusics and on plezoelectric Effect. This Card helps reduce the Electro-magnetic field (EMF) Electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and far Infrared Radiation (FIR) up 99%.

At all the house-hold appliances, Industrial & commercial machinery where primary source of operational energy is Electricity. An EMR is tends to get generated unavoidably.

This unwanted EMR, EMF & FIR leads to loss of electrical energy. Meaning we are paying for the electricity which we did not use. Suchwaste electrical energy is known as DirtyElectricity. So, the scenario is as follow.

Total Electric Energy (TE)=Actual utillzed or Cnsumed (UE) + Wasted energy (WE)

DEC РDynamic Electricity Card works on a scientific theory of Negative IONS. The card Stabilizes the harmonic wave. Controls spikes and reduces heat, EMF and Dirty electricity. thus giving an added benefit of your electrical  equipment.