Construction Work

Project Overview


  • Project Type :  Govt. Project
  • Project Value : 1 Cr.  – 500 Cr. / Dist.
  • Billing Time :    Monthly
  1. Construction of interlocking Road at Bind Basti Village Bhul (Dhanupur) Block Dhanupur Distt. Prayagraj
  2. Construction of interlocking Road from House of Vishmani Bind to Madhopur Village Madhopur Block Dhanupur Distt. Prayagraj
  3. Construction of interlocking Road at Bind Basti Village Shripur Dobaha Main Road to House of Bhagwanas Block Dhanpur Distt. Prayagraj
brief description of project
India is a developing nation that houses some of the best talent in the world. It is a large country and is able to keep all its people together through its various connectivity channels. There are roads and trains that connect every small town and village to the larger cities. However, it is amazing to know that its cities are growing and getting more commercial thus demanding more infrastructure.
With all these projects in the pipeline imagine the quantum of work needed by Road making vehicles, graders and Backhoe Loaders. Increasing the demand for these machines, be it in west India or South India, North or East India, the infrastructure projects are spread across the country with the ever-evolving road and development plan. The country looked different 10 years ago and will keep getting a new makeover every decade. This demand will keep increasing as India is set to be a technologically advanced country which needs better connectivity. And this will come only through better network of roads, rails, water and air transportation. So, if you are in the business of roads, backhoe loaders or motor graders there is a lot of scope in this country.

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