Car Advertising

Project Overview

“Establishing a new era of advertising and marketing solution, CARVERTISEE is very close to bringing about a change in India.
Get Car Advertisement in over 86 cities across India”

brief description of project

CARVERTISEE is a striking business launch newly in India, it has already a hit in the overseas market, and where people are following it like a trend. Our  idea  is  to  provide  the  best  so  we  stand  ahead  from  the  others.

CARVERTISEE helps people to get over to fear from massive monthly maintenance, we provide a car rent to car owners in behalf they allow us to advertise on their exterior of the car.

Establishing a new era of advertising and marketing solution, CARVERTISEE is very close to bringing about a change in India.

We are looking forward to build a long lasting relation with you through a franchise business offering that returns high earning potential, and shall provide training and support in all business areas and continuous improvement   of   both   the   business   model   and   product   portfolio.

Whether you are looking to start a new business or re-brand your company under CARVERTISEE partnership program. We have many available areas all over India. We are also interested to hear from entrepreneurs looking to buy a car and take Car rent to other parts.

We believe in providing high quality services and aim to partner with entrepreneurs  having  similar  beliefs  and  together  we  achieve  a  leading status in both marketing and franchising industries.

Why Our Franchise ?

In line with the advertisement and marketing spree, CARVERTISEE now is upcoming fire in the global market, with an attention-grabbing concept amongst common people.

The unique concept is indeed in itself a strong USP. Standing ahead from others with a difference, and believing in maintaining healthy and fruitful relationships leading to mutual understanding and co-operation.

Developing progressively in the metro cities, we don’t want to stay limited; there by our company is into expansion and reach as much as possible for the widest coverage and making everyone aware about this path-breaking concept.

We are here to fulfill dreams and wishes, as owning a car has always been among the top wishes of people of all age groups, or better we define it as a need.

Benefits :-

This business ensures that you emerge out as a sure-shot winner as its infinite possibilities benefit, not only for our franchisors but also our advertisers as they will have the opportunity of marketing options of enhanced visualization and viewership. CARVERTISEE gives a boom to Car advertising therefore completely changing the native and boring marketing techniques. CARVERTISEE is all about the cars and car dreamers.

What Franchisor will get from Us
  1.  Display Banner (4’ x 3’)
  2.  Broachers/ Pamphlets (1000 No’s)
  3.  Visiting Card (1000 No’s)
  4.  T-Shirt and Caps (2 No’s each)
Documents Required for Agreement:
  • 1. Business Registration Certificate
  • 2. Owner KYC (Adhar & PAN Card)
  • 3. GST Certificate
  • 4. Cancel Cheque
Terms and condition for channel partners:

A. State Franchisee partner-

  • 1. Income of Car Owner R 6500/-
  • 2. State Franchise Benefit R 1000/Car per month

B. Customer/ Car Enrollment:

  • 1. Registration and Agreement Charges: Actual Cost
  • 2. VTS Device & Installation Charges: R 6490/- (to be paid before vinyl pasting, proper invoice would be provided to the customer, along with app support)
  • 3. Car Rent: R 6500/-month (Including all tax) to be paid to the customer every month (conditions apply)
  • 4. Running of Car per month
  • A. 0 km to 500 km: No payout
  • B. 501 km to 999 km: R 3500/- C. 999+ km: Rs. 6500/-


(Note: Minimum 50% car run-up should in city or town area) Customer has to pay for GPS device once they get enrollment n when

vinyl would be pasted on their cars.

A proper authorized agreement will be signed with customer. Customer will get ads for 3 years with agreement norms.

Project Head – Mr. Pritam Das

Contact No. – +91-9643 033 402

E-mail id –

Pan India