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Toilet Survey

Although there is a great deal of informal griping about the long lines for women’s toilets in many public facilities, there is not that much detailed information. In particular, because men and women rarely compare detailed notes about toilet facilities, there seems to be a tendency on the part of both sexes to assume that an equal number of toilet facilities are available to men and women, but women simply take longer, resulting in longer lines. In fact, however, most older public toilets do not seem to offer anything like equality of opportunity to men and women. Because urinals take up less space than stalls and because men’s rooms also generally devote less space to mirrors, couches and other amenities, these facilities often can accommodate up to twice as many men as women using at any given time.

This survey is an attempt to collect information on how the other half lives. We hope that, when you go out in public in mixed-sex groups, you will take a few moments to record information about what is available to both men and women by way of toilet facilities and send this information back to us. We recognize that this sort of informal survey is no substitute for formal and systematic data gathering. But we hope it can contribute to the process of sharing information and raising awareness.

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Govt. Project


Pan India


Survey & Geo Tagging

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Rs. 100

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